ELLIPAL Titan Hardware W/Gold Metal


ELLIPAL Titan Hardware Cold W/Gold Mnemonic Metal Seed Storage to Back up Keys Pack

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What is cold wallet?

A cold wallet is an 100% Air-Gapped crypto hardware wallet that can never be connected to the internet. Cold wallet is fully protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and every other vulnerability that comes with connecting to the internet. Cold wallet is the highest security type of crypto wallets, which means the owner of the wallet has full control of their private keys.

On the other hand, hardware wallet is not Air-Gapped. When transferring cryptocurrency, hardware wallets require users to connect their hardware wallet to an online device via USB cable or Bluetooth. This connection is a risk.

Keep remote attacks away

  • Complete network isolation offline cold storage.
  • Built with no online components or ports.
  • Can never be connected to internet.
  • Absolute protection against remote and online attacks.
  • Private keys stored will never touch the internet.

Protection against physical and supply chain attacks

  • Cannot be disassembled without leaving serious damages – the case made entirely out of metal
  • Chip will delete every data when it detects a breach
  • Dust and waterproof hardware.
  • Resistant to impact and crush.

What is the ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal?

A set of mnemonic phrase is a set of 12/15/18/21/24-word that backups your cryptocurrency wallet account. It is a form of your wallet account’s private keys. When you lose access to your hardware wallet or hot wallet, you can use the mnemonic phrase to recover your existing account easily on another wallet.

ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal is a solid and strong metal device used to store the important 12/15/18/21/24-word mnemonic phrase and make sure your wallet’s backup lasts forever.

Why choose ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal?

1. Fireproof, waterproof, mold proof, insect proof, can survive on extreme conditions; you can hold on to it for a lifetime.

2. Easy to set up and use. It keeps your mnemonic phrase easily readable for a very long time.

3. It is light and pocket-sized, easy for you to take it around if necessary.

4. You can easily put a lock on the mnemonic metal to add more security and privacy.



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